This story was originally published in the Star Tribune.

A horse named Likira didn’t have enough horsepower to pull itself out of the water when it became stuck Sunday afternoon in Elm Creek Park Reserve in Dayton.

So deputies from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, police officers from the Three Rivers Park District and firefighters helped.

The rescue mission about 3 p.m. Sunday was successful, and the horse was checked by a vet and is fine, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

The horse’s owner, who was not identified, called authorities Sunday. He was riding; when he dismounted the Friesian sport horse, it ran off.

The water in Elm Creek is muddy and about 4 feet deep and the horse couldn’t get out on its own, spokesman Jon Collins said. Eight deputies, officers and firefighters went into the water, attached a harness to the horse and pulled it to safety.

The horse went home under its own power with its owner.